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In god we trust… All others bring data, sentiment and insight

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SM Monitoring - For the common folk

(or cheap people like me :-) 

Data Thursday

Marketing profs data on how to build social media influence. Shocker - its sharing useful content.

Sep 3

Social Business Landscape - Dachis Group

Social Media For Government?

This week, I’m going to be presenting a breakout session at the National Association of Government Communicators - In preparation for this session, I came across this from the Pew Internet and American Life project. While none of this is exactly surprising, it puts a point on the importance of government agencies placing emphasis on digital communications and social media tools.

The full report is worth at least looking over for those involved in government communications and I’ll be checking back when they do an update to this research to see how penetration for activities like signing up to receive email alerts, reading government blogs, watching government videos and following / fanning (Liking? - I still can’t get used to the new Facebook parlance) change over time.

Use of Government Websites - Pew Survey

May 6
A nice quick reference guide.

A nice quick reference guide.